Author Topic: Terrible service from Sports Direct  (Read 1688 times)


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Terrible service from Sports Direct
« on: 12:46, Thu 25 September 2014 »

Sorry to post a negative thread, but I feel everyone needs warning about this. I'll let the email I sent to Sports Direct customer services on Tuesday (no reply yet either) speak for itself;

Good afternoon,
                          I recently visited the Northampton brach of Sports Direct after it was recommended to me that you may have jeans in stock that would fit me, having tried various other retailers without success. I did not try them on at the time, partly as I was on my break from work, and partly because the changing rooms are not exactly private, just having a small steel 1/3 height shutter between you and the view of customers waiting at the tills.
Unfortunately the jeans did not fit me, and I attempted to return them to the Bedford store as I intended to see if you had anything else suitable, and look in the other stores on site if not.
On approching the returns desk, I was told you do not offer refunds unless the goods are faulty. While that may be your company policy (as the young lady on the till delighted in pointing out on the back of my receipt), customers expect a large retailer such as yourself to take items back without causing the embarrasement of being turned away at the till.
To say I am angry about this is an understatement, I intended to look at other items in store, but felt so annoyed at being refused 19.99 back I left the store and went home, it being some time before I could continue enjoying my one day off work.
If you still wish to not refund my money and lose a customer over less than 20, I will see it as only fair to make everyone I meet aware of your dissapointing service, via any medium available to me, such as Facebook, Twitter, forums etc.
I await your response.