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silicon hose change
« on: 18:55, Wed 02 October 2013 »
Iv changed all my water and breather hoses to red silicon ones and all was fine before I  did it. now the car idles very lumpy and stutters if you press accelerator quickly. runs ok but idling shit. the little breather filter which goes into the t piece is making a louder sucking noise than normal.  so I replaced the large restrictor but noticed there wasn't a restrictor in the pipe going the carb(smaller one).  is this needed?  what do the restrictors do? also  I cross threaded a spark plug on the last service but it still screwed pretty much all the way in.  would this be a problem?


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Re: silicon hose change
« Reply #1 on: 11:26, Thu 03 October 2013 »
There should be a restrictor in the pipe that goes to the oneway valve on the manifold (under the carb).
If this isnt fitted it will cause the car to run like crap..  check it isnt lodged in the old pipe that you took off.
with this fitted it should be fine. If you cant find the restrictor you can take out the one way valve and blank the hole and just run the cup mod.