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LHD to RHD conversion
« on: 03:26, Wed 07 August 2013 »
Hi all, does anybody know what's involved in converting a LHD to RHD 1989 r5 gtt phase 2 , has anybody on here done it?, as far as I can figure it would involve changing most of the dash, steering rack , relocating the servo and brake pipes, clutch cable, apart from that , what else would need changing and would it be worth it?,  I've just rebuilt the engine with new uprated head gasket ( did'nt need it but I've had a few Renault turbos in the past and learned the hard way), valve stem seals, ported & polished head, water pump, all the gaskets and seals,dizzy cap, rotor arm, plugs, leads tdc sensor, flex's , discs , pads , calipers, ball joints, exhaust(just the standard back box for the mot, change it later), no welding is needed because it's completely solid, and never been welded , LHD import.  It's done 62000 Kms from new with only 3 owners, has been sitting for about 3 years without turning a wheel, still haven't started it yet, had a cobra alarm in it which I had to rip out, and it looks like someone has been trying to get it started with no clue how to set it up, the distributor was corroded in place, took 3 days of soaking in wd40 to get it to come out, but it looked like it was a tooth out on the distributor gear, so I fixed it and it looks perfect, had a bit of bother with the top oil feed pipe for the turbo, but a retap sorted that out, Thanks to my wee bro for that!, new rocker cover breather pipe, loads of other bits and bob's, I need to put a big shout out to CGB Motorsport, they have been great!!!, I only need to change the fuel ( what's the best way to dump the old fuel out of the tank and the reserve tank?). & change the oil and filter, I got 5w 40 fully synthetic, because it's a low mileage engine that's just been rebuilt, racing brake fluid, I still can't believe it only takes 2.8L. of oil.
Then it's on to cosmetics.

To wrap or not to wrap, that is the question, I bought ceramic heat wrap , I was thinking if I wrap the manifold I could ditch the anti-perk fan, I was told it was a fire hazard , also seen it on youtube , and I've seen a lot of peeps wrapping the down pipe as well, what's the pros and cons?.

I know I have went off topic , sorry for all the questions, but I want to do it right. ,
Dump valve or no dump valve, atmospheric or recirculating?
I'll try to post pics, and hopefully in the next few day's a video of it starting.
Any help would be fantastic

Ps , where can I get tyres , my alloys are minted , just old tyres cracked.

Thanks to anyone that can help , ohh and I need a left seat lower left bolster fabric and foam cheap, cause I've just spent a fortune on my wee r5.
How do I post pics and vids, put them on photo bucket but don't know how to put them on here, damn iPad nonsense!
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