Author Topic: Piston mounting direction  (Read 2213 times)


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Piston mounting direction
« on: 07:36, Fri 07 June 2013 »
Seems that there are more people here that mounted new pistons in their C1J.
I have the following question / confusion...what direction do the pistons have to be pointing at?

So does the picture on the piston actually mean that the supposed flywheel needs to be pointed towards the flywheel or does it point to the front of the engine?

(easy answer would be of course that the picture on the piston illustrates the flywheel so it has to be pointing towards the flywheel, but I see both options in various rebuilds...)

markey mark (bd)

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Re: Piston mounting direction
« Reply #1 on: 08:15, Sat 08 June 2013 »
You got it right mate, the pic on the piston is of the crank and flywheel so point that towards the flywheel
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