Author Topic: Dutch GTT project (Martijn) (lot of pics!)  (Read 3652 times)


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Dutch GTT project (Martijn) (lot of pics!)
« on: 10:58, Thu 06 June 2013 »
Hello all,

My Renault history: CLICK

Time to show you my (2nd) love of my life...the GTT restoration project:

Started in 2008 by buying a bare shell '86 GTT:

First step is welding (not much of it!):

Second step is prepping and spraying the car:

Only the engine bay and interior is sprayed in its final color, the rest will be done when the interior and engine is installed.

Lot of prepwork:

In the meantime...ordered some goodies from CGB (which took 6 months to get here  :roll: :



Sprayed interior and engine bay  8) :

Fresh painted subframe and rear axle:

Test fitting the OMP roll cage:

Start of the rebuild:

First interior parts flocked:

More rebuild work:

Reworked harness:

Engine rebuild:

Still a lot more work to be done  :D I will try to keep this thread updated!


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Re: Dutch GTT project (Martijn) (lot of pics!)
« Reply #1 on: 23:13, Fri 07 June 2013 »
Very good work, please leave the paintwork like that, looks sweet