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Dutch GTT (Martijn)
« on: 10:48, Thu 06 June 2013 »
Hello all,

The name is Martijn, active member of the Renault Tuning Club in Holland and currently restoring a '86 GT Turbo. After being a member of this forum for a few years and reading on a lot of other projects, it is time to introduce my current own GTT project.

But first, my Renault history;
My previous GTT:

Disassembled and scrapped... :(

Renault 5 TL:

Still craving for something turbo powered I turned a R5 TR into a R5 TR-T:

Holiday was coming and the girlfriend wanted a campervan, so I 'restored' an '79 Estafette:

Daily driver needed so bought myself a Renault Clio 1.5 dCi:

Put 330.000 km on it, so time to look for a fine replacement, a 1.9 dCi Megane II came up with sweet RS bumperkit (which is going to be lowered very soon!):

>>> For my current GTT restoration project CLICK here <<<