Author Topic: Offside gearbox oil seal help  (Read 1722 times)


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Offside gearbox oil seal help
« on: 15:11, Sat 18 May 2013 »
My driver's side gearbox oil seal is leaking, I've changed the seal for a new genuine one but it still leaks. There's an o-ring and I'm not sure if it just sits between the seal and the driveshaft or if it's meant to go inside the seal - there's a lip it looks like it could tuck into before pressing the seal in.
Anyone done this before? The Haynes diagram is not clear and it doesn't mention the o-ring in the text. Help!  :?
It's a '93 Campus 1.4 but the gearbox is near identical to the turbo (I used to run a turbo box in it).