Author Topic: purchasing a 5 turbo  (Read 2470 times)


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purchasing a 5 turbo
« on: 14:28, Tue 23 April 2013 »
hi everyone looking for some advice, just sold my concourse xr2 and want to buy a renault 5 gt turbo. looking at 1 on monday but has anyone one got any history on this vehicle and is she known to the club or forum?? a couple of things putting me off ( 16 owners ) ouch and the decals are missing that i can notice on the photo's where can i purchase decals from if i buy??

this is the car.


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Re: purchasing a 5 turbo
« Reply #1 on: 22:00, Tue 23 April 2013 »
It'd be fair to say it's been apart and had a respray and they didn't bother reapplying the decals. It looks fairly straight in that pic but with 16 owners it's probably spent half its life being taken apart and reassembled, not that I'm trying to put you off or anything!
Is the engine standard? Some members on here will probably recognize the reg.