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Campus sleeper project
« on: 22:17, Thu 21 March 2013 »
I have brought an unfinished r5 campus sleeper project (with a 1.8 16v) mechanically fitted, but not wired up. I would like to keep it looking as much like a campus as possible ( bit lower and different wheels).

I am currently working out what needs to be done and what will need to be brought. I will be stripping the shell back soon (when the weather warms up a bit!) to see if tin worm has been eating the underside.

My first set of questions (the first of many I presume) are:

-what is different between the campus and gtt suspension set up? I guess stiffer anti roll bars and dampers? But is the rear axle/front arms the same, or would I need a full gtt to strip?

- is there anywhere (other than a Haynes manual) that I can get wiring diagrams for the 1.8 16v engine and campus?

Early days but really excited!!


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Re: Campus sleeper project
« Reply #1 on: 22:07, Sat 23 March 2013 »
I believe the campus looms iovery similair to the gtt in that it is missing a few wires but not really a problem as they wont be needed.

See the following link