Author Topic: Not been on here for a while!  (Read 1589 times)


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Not been on here for a while!
« on: 16:53, Sat 16 March 2013 »
Hey folks last time i was on here was june 2009  reason for that is i had bought a renault 5 1.7gtx with a spare turbo engine and boxes of parts which i intended putting together but never getting the chance so i sold the car! Whilst collecting parts for that car i bought some spares off a guy local to me that had a mint looking r5 gt turbo phase 2 sitting on his drive with a big dent in the door! i asked him what the story was with it and he said it wasnt for sale! fast forward 4 years and it was still sitting doing nothing so i text him asking if it was for sale and he said yes, the car hasnt done anything since he bought it in 2008, he is that busy with his other projects including a fiesta cosworth and the reason its such a mint car is because its only done 28k  its still on the original tyres lol so i just bought it before i came offshore and i cant wait to get back and get some good photos up of it! needs the door replaced and the plastic arch replaced! very very quiet engine and all round perfect project for me! im a ford man at heart and have a minted mk4 escort xr3i cabriolet which sits in my garage all the time but ive always had a soft spot for these r5 gt turbos! the sound of them and the acceleration is just amazing  i will start a project thread as soon as i get a chance and update it the best i can cheers