Author Topic: Benetton R5GT Turbo Reg: H756 SWB  (Read 3726 times)


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Benetton R5GT Turbo Reg: H756 SWB
« on: 15:25, Tue 09 June 2015 »

I am a new member today after trying to trace my old R5 Turbo, there was questions in 2010 if Benetton R5 GT Turbo ever excited, the answer to that Yes it did, it was 1 of 5 that was ever made, basically 5 white R5's were taken off the forecourt in Leeds and given some treatment, green carpets, grey and green leather interior, slightly lowered and little bit more grunt (not much over standard). Registration H756 SWB, mine was also featured in REVS magazine by Neil Hunt a friend of mine who also had a GTT and worked for REVS and also in the R5GTT Owners club. Also we had a rolling road shoot out cannot remember the area and a French magazine for R5 came and it was also featured in that!!! I sadly sold it and had a call about 2 weeks later from a body shop asking if the body parts were standard as the guy went to overtake and smashed it up ARRRRRRRRRRR.... It was running a MD28R turbo from memory with loads of power. If anyone has ever seen this car be interesting to know it is still out there. I am now thinking of buying one to do up with my son and eventually hand it over to him. I sold this car in 2001 I think.