Author Topic: Correct Door Cards for a Raider.  (Read 1657 times)


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Correct Door Cards for a Raider.
« on: 17:13, Sun 28 October 2012 »

After finally managing to get hold of a real raider.. and getting rid of poormans raider.

I have a question re inner door cards.

The Raider i got hold have doesnt have door cards, but ive managed to get hold of a couple of sets.. only I dont know which is correct?

I have 3 x sets.

1 x Fabric Door Cards
1 x Vinyl Door Cards
1 x Plastic Door cards

The plastic ones are from a campus.

Which did Raiders come with Fabric or Vinyl?

markey mark (bd)

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Re: Correct Door Cards for a Raider.
« Reply #1 on: 17:28, Sun 28 October 2012 »
Raiders had fabric vinyl was only fitted to phase 1 and some early E-reg cars, only difference is they didn't have the red strip on the lower plastic door pocket
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