Author Topic: Hi fellow 5 lovers  (Read 2539 times)


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Hi fellow 5 lovers
« on: 21:32, Tue 16 October 2012 »
Hey, my name is chez.. I'm 22 from Barry, south Wales.. I always had a thig for 5 turbos when I was younger as they were normally being joy ridden on the estate I grew up lol.. But the same problem as most why I didn't get one was insurance and over time they kinda left my mind.. BUT one of the Renault 5s from years ago got brought up in convo and then got told that the kid still has it on his fathers drive and it's been there for the past 7 years.. I've tried for the past 5 months to get the car from him as he hasn't touched it but he refuses to sell it to me.. Since this I can't them out of my mind and seem to be on this website and ebay looking at them 24 hours a day.. I think it's called ' THE 5 BUG'.. I am gladly taking on this 'bug' and want to find a project one to save from the scrappy and bring back to its former glory and treat it how it should be treated.. If anyone has one about in fair condition but needs tlc please let me know :).. Hopefully a tungsten pops up, going to find a nice warm garage to take on the project and store.. Worked as a panel beater and sprayer for 5 Years so will have it to pristine in no time :).. And so It begins

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Re: Hi fellow 5 lovers
« Reply #1 on: 14:04, Mon 22 October 2012 »
Welcome to the site, it will be nice if you do find a project to fix up. I like restoration projects :)