Author Topic: help with alternator please  (Read 1501 times)


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help with alternator please
« on: 17:56, Sun 02 September 2012 »
My battery light has come on.With the engine off the battery has got 12.4v with the engine on idle it drops to 12.2.the alternator live has also got 12.2 but the yellow wire at the top of the alternator has not got 12v.Under load the battery drops slightly.The anti perc fan sensor was tied up untilled I got a heat shield this had dropped down and was resting on the gearbox.IV also noticed that on the drivers side just before the bulk head think its below the master cylinder there's a light brown wire with what looks like a little ball at the end hanging loose, there's also a nut on the subframe,just wondering if they should be connected.thanks