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Engine Types
« on: 22:01, Wed 12 September 2012 »
Although I own an R5 and I have been reading quote a few threads on here I am still a bit lost as to exactly how you identify exactly which engine I have in my vehicle.  I am also a bit concerned with the amount of items which appear to require electrical connections but dont seem to have any wires or connectors near them even though the vehicle was supposed to have been re-wired before I bought it (yes I know should have read first before going out and spending the money).

Anyhow back to the original quesiton.  How do you identify the engine type is it a C1J, C1E, etc.  I can only find a six digit number on the side of the block that reads L 569 160.  Have looked at the post regarding engine types but this doesn't seem to match anything close to whats on there or have I read it wrong?  All I know is that it has an AEI 209 unit fitted but no anti knock sensor although half is in the boot in a box of bits.

Any help would be appreciated.