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choke flap.
« on: 20:10, Tue 28 August 2012 »
Hi guys just wondering, ive seen a few people running there carbs without the choke flap. Can anyone tell me the benefits of this? Obviously i know that without one it will be a pig when
Head ported,polished,valves reseated uprated valve springs
270 cam
Modified carb, large venturi
2.5in downpipe
large elbow
2.5in side exit
samco blue hoses
Green induction kit
T25 turbo
Forge actator
Ktec large drilled disc conversion,
APEX rear shocks, 35mm front springs.


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Re: choke flap.
« Reply #1 on: 21:21, Tue 28 August 2012 »
better air flow and less restriction


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Re: choke flap.
« Reply #2 on: 10:34, Wed 29 August 2012 »
As said less restriction and slightly better flow, you can remove the flap but you can keep the fast idle on the exterior aswell to assist with cold start's