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absolutely baffled!!
« on: 22:05, Thu 16 August 2012 »
hi my friends renault 5 gt started playing up the other day. he took it on the backroads and when boosting hard the car cut out. now the car idles irratically sounding like its not getting enough fuel and struggling. the car wont idle untill very warm and then when you blip the throttle it just cuts out but will then start again straight after and idle. we have tried everything we can think off and now absolutely baffled! we have cleaned alll carb out done new fuel filter, cleaned all jets, rebuilt carb with carb kit,set new  mixture screw, new plugs, checked for air leaks everywhere, all new vaccum pipes and nothing makes any difference! we fitted a different (secondhand) turbo which had no play the other week after his was knackerd and changed oil and filter. the car ran perfect for a week and then all of a sudden its playing up. anyone got any ideas what this can be? we compression test it and one cylinder was about a bar less than the others could it be head gasket or piston ring failure? causing it to run like this?it deffinately sounds like its fuel and not ignition appreciate any help thanks