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« on: 00:00, Tue 07 August 2012 »
Alright lads,got some gauges i wanted to wire up.. boost,water temp etc, i wanted to know how everyone has wired theirs up,because i dont want to have too many loose wires and dodgy connections, wanted to do one neat tidy job.. any suggestions..
cheers lads
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Re: Gauges
« Reply #1 on: 07:19, Tue 07 August 2012 »
I have my 3 dials fitted where the centre vents used to be.

Switched live - Ignition barrel with an inline fuse.
Earth - I used the steering column mount.
Dim (if yours has the option when you turn the sidelights on) - I tapped into the wire that illuminates the heater dials.

Any other sensor wires will need to connect up under the bonnet so you will need to find a way through the bulkhead.