Author Topic: copper core radiator  (Read 1786 times)


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copper core radiator
« on: 10:02, Tue 17 July 2012 »
Does anyone no where I can get a reasonably priced one of these.


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Re: copper core radiator
« Reply #1 on: 23:04, Tue 17 July 2012 »
A new standard one would be better.

I know there have been a few complaints about the copper cored radiators splitting in the past. I myself have had quite a dodgy copy, the lower pipe connection was made an incorrect shape so it would foul on the subframe.

However, I currently do have a copper cored radiator fitted in my car at the moment and it's been fine. The only reason I have it is because i picked it up for peanuts. I certainly wouldn't pay some of the crazy prices i've seen them sell for.


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Re: copper core radiator
« Reply #2 on: 12:31, Wed 18 July 2012 »
I know Nicks (Nick has the Raider and recently posted pics on here)  dad has just brought an alloy one so he might be seeling his copper core one.