Author Topic: TWO problems ???? Ideas plzz  (Read 1677 times)


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TWO problems ???? Ideas plzz
« on: 21:46, Fri 06 July 2012 »
1.  Car keeps getting very hot ! An not sure why?? Even wen driving normal. Changed Coolant couple times. Fan works. :s help!

2 .keep loosing electrics an cuts out won't start no lights or anything , had new batt worked fine for couple runs now same. - I thinking alternator ?? Mayb.
Cheers  :D


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Re: TWO problems ???? Ideas plzz
« Reply #1 on: 22:45, Fri 06 July 2012 »
1. Assuming the coolant is flowing around the system, either the thermostat isn't opening properly or the radiator needs changing. Try the thermostat first, it's a lot cheaper

2. Sounds like the alternator, but first check the brown 2-pin plug on the alternator the wiring there gets a bit ropey.

3. The water pump and alternator run off the same drivebelt, might be a good idea to double check the belt is tight and it not slipping, also check the crankshaft pulley is tight as well. It's been a while but I don't think it's keyed so if the bolts loose it could potentially slip.