Author Topic: Speaker grille fitting  (Read 1616 times)


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Speaker grille fitting
« on: 07:08, Thu 28 June 2012 »
Anyone have a good fix for the poorly fitting speaker grilles in the front doors?  sam


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Re: Speaker grille fitting
« Reply #1 on: 10:01, Fri 29 June 2012 »
Wrap the speaker grill clips in an layer of tape or two, should make a little wider and squeeze in tighter.


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Re: Speaker grille fitting
« Reply #2 on: 16:45, Fri 29 June 2012 »
A couple of the cardboard like tabs on my door cards were knackered, the previous owner had made an unsightly repair with what looked to be Blu-Tac (I hope it wasn't chewing gum!).

The only thing I could do with mine was clean them up the best I could and then I carefully super glued them in place. If you do use superglue, avoid getting any glue anywhere near the face of the grille, i find super glue leaves a nasty white stain on plastics.