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« on: 00:48, Sun 24 June 2012 »
hey guys, what oil should i use in my gtt? gonna be servicing soon and need to know which is the best to get. what do people recommend?

secondly, whats cheapest place to buy a carb rehaul kit and how hard is it to strip down and rebuild a carb? my car idles at 1300-1400rpm, a friend said rehaulling the carb may help as its probably dirty?



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Re: Oil/Carb
« Reply #1 on: 17:01, Sun 24 June 2012 »
I use elf 10-40, happy with it 1 year now.
For carb rebuilt easy mode, just follow instructions once and you'll be master of it till u put it back together. Get some carb spray cleaner ull need some in order to clean it thorouhly.
Idle problem isn;t exactly from dirty carb, u need to set it properly from idle screw and then adjust it with the throttle screw. Get a tube of sealant too ull need to put some in the inlet where carb goes then apply to all layers of gaskets provided with your carb rehaul kit, but CARE don't put any sealant on the bottom side of carb, only on the flanges-gaskets and on the inlet itself. That will cure your high idle as u probably have a leak over there.