Author Topic: 2012 UK Outlaw Street FWD Shootout  (Read 2528 times)


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2012 UK Outlaw Street FWD Shootout
« on: 14:57, Wed 25 April 2012 »

2011 saw the first ever UK Outlaw FWD Shootout bringing together all the fastest FWD cars in the UK.
The overall winner was Adam Buckley in his Honda Civic, can he retain his title again this year against the likes of Andy Spec in his vauxhal Tigra, Allan Duthie last years runner up in his Vauxhall Cora, and old time heros like Andy Nichols and Guy Chamberlain all aiming for that #1 spot

The 2012 event will be held on Sunday 19th Aug at Santa Pod.

The Winner will recieve prize money in the region of £2000 with additional prizes available for

Loosing Semi Finalists
Quickest ET
Quickest NA ET
Quickest Supercharged ET
Quickest Nitrous Only Powered Car ET
Quickest Reaction Time

Fastest 60' Time
Fastest 1/8 MPH
Fastest 1/4 MPH

These have been generously donated by our sponsors

If you wish to sponsor the event or take part, or even come along and watch the details can all be found on our website where you will also find a writeup and videos of last years event.


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Re: 2012 UK Outlaw Street FWD Shootout
« Reply #1 on: 21:57, Thu 14 June 2012 »
Anyone wishing to enter its time to get your entry forms in at
and show your appreciation to our sponsors.


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Re: 2012 UK Outlaw Street FWD Shootout
« Reply #2 on: 08:46, Wed 20 June 2012 »
The deadline for entries is rapidly approaching, if you want to race please get your applications in ASAP.

The Deadline for entries is 1st July

Also please welcome our latest sponsor Tony Paulo and Injector Dynamics


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Re: 2012 UK Outlaw Street FWD Shootout
« Reply #3 on: 10:06, Thu 23 August 2012 »
UK Outlaw FWD Shootout 2012
The day before the event 13 cars were entered some were out testing and some still on the dyno getting ready for the big day. Most of the testing went smoothly with few noticeable exceptions. Last year’s winner Adam Buckley in his Honda Civic locked up a rear wheel slowing down and had a blowout on one of his skinnies, then later on had an engine failure which ruled him out of the competition. Last year’s runner up Allan Duthie in his Vauxhall Corsa, turned up on a trailer straight from a dyno session announcing he was out due to lifting the head, and Richard Batty in his Mitsubishi FTO snapped an inner CV and with no replacement also looked out. However it turns out that Mitsubishi inner CV’s are very similar to Honda’s with the same number of splines and similar lengths (give or take 1mm) so CPL Racing offered to rush him one up the next morning. So with the days testing complete, it was time to settle in for a few beers and a BBQ
One FWD competitor that hadn’t even entered had been having gearbox problems all day and spent the night frantically stripping and rebuilding a 2nd box. At 10am on the day of the competition he calmly walked over and said that he would like to pay for last night’s burgers and handed over his entry fee :)
The field was complete 14 cars entered, 12 were left standing to battle it out for the 2012 Outlaw FWD Shootout crown.
Early morning testing saw a new FWD Normally Aspirated record from Daz Honor 11.0529@122.07 before qualifying.
For the 1st Qualifier only 9 were ready, George Lockerby was running late travelling down from Scotland and Richard Batty’s CV joint arrived just as the cars were heading out for the first qualifier.
All the cars safely made it through the 1st qualifying with CPL Racing setting a new benchmark for the rest of us to aspire to, a new UK FWD record of 9.4542@156.36 almost 4 tenths faster than his closest rivals. All the talk on the internet before hand had Guy as favourite and this cemented the fact he was here for the win.
Between Qualifying 1 and 2 George Lockerby arrived and decided to do some test runs and snapped a CV joint so he was in then straight back out.
Qualifying Round 2 again saw 9 cars out on track with Guy Chamberlain from CPL sitting it out not expecting anyone to take his #1 qualifying spot, and Richard Batty’s CV was fitted just in time for him to get out for 2nd Qualifying
With the tree decided it was time for the eliminators.
Veteran Andy Nicholls in his Rover up against new boy Ray Saunders in the Honda civic, Andy took the win with a 10.9@106mph it looks like he is still having gearbox problems. Daz Honour in his NA civic vs Mike Dunlevy in his turbo powered civic. The NA was quick off the line but could the turbo power pull him back, no Daz takes it with an 11.1@121mph
Lee Walker in his Honda civic vs Pete Wilson was a close battle both having similar PB’s, Lee just taking it on the line.
Richard Batty in the Mitsubishi FTO vs Matthew Simmonite in the Honda CRX, David vs goliath, Matt needed a good start to stand a chance, but he red lighted. Richard took the win.
Neil Holden in the Honda Civic vs Kiel Priestman in another Civic, another David and goliath match, Kiel had him by over 3 seconds.
Finally a bye for Guy Chamberlain saw probably his slowest ever run at 18 seconds :)

So on to the quarter finals
First up Guy Champerblain vs Lee Walker. Lee’s PB in the 11’s against the current UK record holder @9.4, you couldn’t make this up….. Guy missed 2nd gear, Lee went through with an 11.4 @ 130mph.
Richard Batty vs Andy Nicholls this was set to be the draw of the round, on paper both capable of low 10’s but another snapped CV saw Andy take an easy win, how unlucky can one guy be.
Finally Daz vs Kiel on paper Kiel was 1 second quciker than Daz, but Kiel made a schoolboy error, he staged before he was ready, he wasn’t even in gear when the lights went... bet he doesn’t do that again.
Onto the Semis
All the favourites out, all the 9’s cars out, this really was turning into anyone race.
Daz in his NA Honda had a bye, and only had to break the lights so put in a safe 13’s pass.
Andy Nicholls vs Lee Walker, Lee was quick of the line but the superior power of the Rover passed him just after the 1/8th to go on to victory.
And so the final was set. Andy Nicholls who lifted the head on the Rover a week earlier, was on the dyno until midnight on Friday before setting off to Santa Pod, arriving at Pod at 03:15 racing and winning on Saturday in the ESC then spending all night changing a gearbox
Daz Honour, keeping the end up for the normally aspirated boys, doing times some turbos would be prowd of. Who also spent the night fixing the car, and gear shift selector problems.
Never in a million years would you expect this final with the lineup at the start
As always Daz in the NA Honda gets off to a flyer, but Andy is even quicker ahead by 330’ there was no catching him running a 10.6 @135
So for all those out there thinking they aren’t quick enough to enter competitions like this, think again, if you can run in the 12’s you have as much of a chance as anyone else.
Click here for the current UK's fastest FWD times

The Winners
Winner   Andy Nicholls - Rover MGZR   
Runner up   Daz Honour – Honda Civic   
Loosing Semi Finalists   Kiel Priestman - Honda Civic   
   Lee Walker - Honda Civic   
Loosing Semi Finalists   Kiel Priestman - Honda Civic   
Quickest ET   Guy Chamberlain – Honda Civic   9.4542
Quickest NA ET   Daz Honour - Honda Civic   11.1026
Quickest NOS Powered Car ET   Andy Nicholls - Rover MGZR   10.4554
Quickest Reaction Time   Kiel Priestman  - Honda Civic   0.0761
Quickest 60' Time   Guy Chamberlain – Honda Civic   1.5552
Fastest 1/8 MPH   Guy Chamberlain – Honda Civic   124.56
Fastest 1/4 MPH   Guy Chamberlain – Honda Civic   156.36
Number 1 Qualifier   Guy Chamberlain – Honda Civic   
First 160mph car   No winner   
First Breakage   Richard Batty – Mitsubishi FTO   
Fastest Honda D Series   Matthew Simmonite - Honda CRX   
Fastest Honda B Series   Kiel Priestman - Honda Civic   
Most of these cars compete in either the Euro Sports Compact (ESC) or Jap Drag Series (JDS) checkout the websites and find out how you can enter the series.

Also checkout the outlaw shootout webpage
Or find us on facebook
Or youtube

Thanks to our sponsors
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