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« on: 07:39, Mon 23 April 2012 »
hi people. Did a full rebuild of my engine over easter, the car seems good. Rejetted the carb too and it's great on full boost and on he motorway, no pesky leaning off, but around town or if i'm just driving slowly it's just over fueling going to 9.3 on the afr at times. ive still only got the standard main jet in it. also noticed a couple of times that when its hot (fan cutting in) and i'm sat in traffic i get plumes of smoke coming from the exhaust it doesnt seem to be blowing oil through. could this just be un burnt fuel? it doesn't smoke at any other time and if i putg my hand over the exhaust i don't get any oily residue at all. any ideas?
Head ported,polished,valves reseated uprated valve springs
270 cam
Modified carb, large venturi
2.5in downpipe
large elbow
2.5in side exit
samco blue hoses
Green induction kit
T25 turbo
Forge actator
Ktec large drilled disc conversion,
APEX rear shocks, 35mm front springs.


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Re: smoke
« Reply #1 on: 18:36, Wed 25 April 2012 »
I doubt very much it will be unburnt fuel. It will pop , bang and fart like a good one. AKA a shotgun if it was unburnt.

Sounds like the turbo needs a new seal or two - especially with you saying when it gets hot ( oil is thinnest then )