Author Topic: 5 turbos at santapod  (Read 3295 times)


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5 turbos at santapod
« on: 22:02, Thu 29 March 2012 »
I was at santapod last weekend itching to take the gt turbo down the strip as i didnt see one all day, unfortunately after driving from southend to santapod and sitting in the traffic for over 2 hours, the petrol light was on and it runs lean on boost :( and knocks,

whilst i was there i saw a black 5 gt turbo with monster stickers all over it
and a 5 extra van with gt turbo engine and front mount intercooler,

i was gonna park up next to you guys but the marshals were being douchebags

who was it ??
picture to come soon
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Re: 5 turbos at santapod
« Reply #1 on: 00:54, Sat 31 March 2012 »
Extra van will be Brigsy. Epic car that.

The black ph1 is one of his mates.