Author Topic: My Prima Campus 5  (Read 4359 times)


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My Prima Campus 5
« on: 11:52, Sun 25 March 2012 »
Hi all,
 Bought this for 175 with 2 month tax and 9 month Mot.

the car has a few issues think its been in a front end smash. There is a load wining (like a jet taking off noise coming from the left side of the car). There is some good points only has 43000k on the clock :$ lol. Interior is clean and every button inside works and does what it should(makes me belive the cars mieage is genuine).

i have spent an extra 120 on Parts/Paint for the car spent around 30 hours of my time and below is some pics, let me know what you think :).

I am currently looking for new things to do with the 5 and would love to bang a turbo engine in. Any ideas which are cheap and will improve the car are greatly accepted.

Thanks for looking


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Re: My Prima Campus 5
« Reply #1 on: 12:22, Sun 25 March 2012 »
new wheel bearing may solve your jet engine noise.


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Re: My Prima Campus 5
« Reply #2 on: 23:44, Fri 06 April 2012 »
are you from huddersfield by any chance mate?
sure i passed you today in a blue corsa vxr about 2.30?