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« on: 14:29, Tue 07 February 2012 »
getting my sills done in march pretty simple question makes me feel inadequate but how do the sideskirts come off? do i need to remove my arch trims too? don't want to go manhandling them and snap one :twisted:


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Re: sideskirts
« Reply #1 on: 16:08, Tue 07 February 2012 »
Bolted, or riveted onto the sill. Then they pull towards your slightly and then upwards of about 5 clips.

You will almost certainly need a new set of clips if they are the originals as they have probably rusted away.

You can remove the skirts with the arches in place with a bit of fiddling. Removing the front arch might make life easier.


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Re: sideskirts
« Reply #2 on: 14:38, Sun 04 March 2012 »
if you do break any on re-assembly just use nylon thread & nuts in replacement.

much easier and wont rust again!