Author Topic: b18ft water pipes  (Read 5455 times)

markey mark (bd)

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Re: b18ft water pipes
« Reply #15 on: 19:32, Thu 05 January 2012 »
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Ok great stuff mate. So much easier knowing that rad fits. What fan you using with it ?

I'm using a 14" universal slimline fan with my rad

Can this work with the normal GTT rad? More importantly, is it a lot quieter then the howling the standard fans make?

The 14" fan is too big for the gt rad i think, worth trying a 12" version. Its basically a Spal fan i use, depending on the design of the blades they can ge quiet or as loud as a gt fan.
Saying that i like a noisey fan at least you know its working when it switchs on!  :lol:
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Re: b18ft water pipes
« Reply #16 on: 15:36, Sat 07 January 2012 »
All sorted now :-) I used a clio rad after. And lots of random pipes I had to connect everything. Would like to get some nice silicone hoses made up soon
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