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Campus > GTT Dash Conversion Loom
« on: 20:48, Sat 24 December 2011 »
Ive made a conversion loom so a GTT dash can be fitted into a Campus.

Take one  GTT Dash..

then looking at back of it compared to the campus one..

So using JAMMA fingerboards, I was able to make a conversion cable

This plugs into the GTT Dash then into the Campus Loom. Just need to wire up the tacho and turbo gauge (to something)

Testing the cable converter.. All works. fine.. got some dead lamps.

The next headache is the cable to digital speedo conversion.. as i dont want to change the diff  as im happy with the cable for now..

so Ive worked out how to change this.. just need to make this happen.....

pictures to follow....