Author Topic: Weird starting problem?  (Read 1326 times)


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Weird starting problem?
« on: 21:11, Wed 11 January 2012 »
I can go up to my wee 5 and start it in a couple of seconds, so fine. However other times i try, the engine farts and i hear no sound from the fuel pump, also not getting a spark. changed ai unit and tdc sensor, problem still occurs? Is there a relay or anything that would cause this type of fault. Sometimes i just hit the surrounding area of the ai and it will start, dont know what im disturbing when i do it though? any ideas smart people?


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Re: Weird starting problem?
« Reply #1 on: 23:19, Wed 11 January 2012 »
If you whack that area and it cures it maybe there is a loose connection or a dodgy wire somewhere.

Might be worth checking the relay as well, it's located quite close to the AEI.