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« on: 23:39, Tue 12 March 2013 »
Hi everyone,

I've been keeping my eye on 5 over the last couple of years.

My second car was a renault 5 gt turbo, I was 18 (33 now) and it was pearl white. I must have clocked up around 60k in the car during my ownership travelling to drum n bass raves up and down the county. Southend seafront most evenings racing around. Melting my mates shoes due to the dam things always overheating.

Back in the day i could never really afford to replace faulty parts with new and always resorted to the breakers, in the end i got hit up the arse very lightly by a volvo. The insurance paid out and i bought it back from the insurer. I then spent the money on a full bare metal respray.

By this time i'm 21, and moved from Essex to London. I wanted a changed and sold it to a friend. Upgraded to a S3 Quattro. My mate crashed the 5 2 weeks later and then sold it onto someone else.

I regret selling the car, and now find myself on the hunt for another one.

I will post what I am looking for in the wanted forum.