Author Topic: Hesitation at 3k rpm!  (Read 5106 times)


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Re: Hesitation at 3k rpm!
« Reply #15 on: 10:31, Wed 19 October 2011 »
Maybe its fuel issue under boost, fuel pump or carb 2nd enricterer stucked or something else etc... :roll:


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Re: Hesitation at 3k rpm!
« Reply #16 on: 13:59, Wed 19 October 2011 »
That's what was my main concern for cleaning hte carb and testing fuel psi, youre right.

So today:
* Bought new dizzy cap and rotor arm, installed ok.
* Removed whole carb, turned to bits and cleaned thoroyghly with carb cleaner.Nothing too serious dirt wise, but i insisted on triangle part of the carb just incase.Reinstalled all fine.
* Put a smear of sealant on the  top of the inlet manifold only not on carb side, as i read at posts about warped manifolds.
* Checked by sight the spark cables nothing there.

Went for a ride and guess what, runs like a dream. No hesitation not really hard idle.
Just like yesterday, SO i'm gonna wait again for tonight when it will be cold again and check it then. If the hesitation comes back i'm gonna put the old spark plugs back on and retest it...

Funny thing, every time i fix something or put something new on the engine, it might not fix the main reason for which i fixed or changed that BUT the car always after every bit of fix goes and feels better. :lol:  :shock:  It's like an old fella just wanting someone to play with him lolz.