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Joshua Deller Appeal
« on: 20:45, Tue 23 February 2010 »
You may have noticed a banner with the Joshua Deller Appeal on it. I was on the internet the other day and came across a link to this appeal. So I clicked it and read the little boys story. Heres the beginning

When Joshua wasn’t even seven months old, it was discovered that Joshua had a tumour. It was neuroblastoma – a rare and often fatal childhood cancer.

Anyway after reading the full story felt compelled to give a donation towards his ongoing care to try and beat this terrible disease. I know how hard it is to get the correct treatment you need on the NHS for rare diseases.

The fact that they cannot get all his treatment on the NHS and have to fly to America to give their son a chance of surviving. Any parent Im sure would do anything it takes to keep their child alive, but this all costs a hell of a lot of money as you can imagine on top of dealing with what their young son is going through.

Anyway if you have a couple of pounds in your paypal or feel like making a small donation to a worthy cause then please do !!
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