Author Topic: My little G reg red 5 (lots of pics ) edited 24/03/12  (Read 9098 times)


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My little G reg red 5 (lots of pics ) edited 24/03/12
« on: 22:41, Tue 10 January 2012 »
thought it was about time i put a bit on here about my little 5
even more so as I've found a few of the pics from when i first got her.
I haven't really done much to her since i got her and as such need to pull her apart and do a few things when the weather gets better
any way a few pics for you to have a look at
when i first got her

after i got some second hand wings and the body kit bits that were missing

after a polish and putting the wheels on that came in the car with all the boxes of bits

drove her about for a bit in this state before the timing chain started to rattle a bit due to a worn tensioner. so took her off the road and covered her up until i had the time and parts to sort her out!!
18 months later and i started work on the little 5 and got the timing chain done(pain in the arse as i dropped the metal spacer shim for the tensoner into the sump  :roll: so had to take the sump off to retrieve it) and then after some drunken buying off of ebay had a front mount inter cooler, k-tec front bumper, gaz coil-overs,pair of brand new rear calipers, brand new scorpions/s exhaust, B&M shifter, alloy strut brace, and other bits and bobs that had been bugging me. lol  
A few pics of bits going on

before coil-overs


the coil-overs

and as she sits at the moment

some new pics

engine bay needs tidying up and some more shiny bits

original front grill fitted back on

mocking up the original bumper to see where to cut to clear the front mount intercooler

picked up these wheels cheap but might respray anthracite (tungsten gray)

Bit of work done today....some tidying in the engine bay and a slightly modded standard front bumper fitted instead of the big K-Tec one i had on and didnt like

21/03/2012  been a few weeks and was thinking bout things to do to the 5
So i started jotting a few things down that i wanted to do to get her back on the road for summer and ended up with a large list some of which I've listed below lol

steering rack boots (both)
track rod ends (both)
ball joints (both)
poly bush lower arms
poly bush anti roll bar
brake lines (braided)
bleed brakes/clean up discs
under-seal whole car
re-align exhaust
heat wrap exhaust under/near gear shift leaver
change oil
fit new sump plug & washer
fit oil cooler kit
fix cooling fan fault
re-new throttle cable return spring
re-new throttle cable
door pins and bushes (both sides)
clean T cut & polish whole car
lower rear end to match the front
re-connect up spot lights
temp spray front bumper to mach rest of car
fix wiper/washer stalk

that's all i can remember at the mo but no doubt it will grow a bit longer!!

24/03/2012  nice day today so some work on the 5 was done. from the list above i have checked off items 1,2,3,4,5,8,14,20,22, had an issue with one of the lower arm bolts but nothing the old angle grinder couldn't sort!! lol soaked the rear torsion bars in prep for next weekend when i will have a go at lowering it a bit, cooling fan was just a relay which i have about 5 or 6 spare.

old steering boots

old track rod ends

new arms ready to fit

and on the car

the problem bolt just would not undo/do up from this point and not much room to work

so Mr angle grinder came to the rescue

cleaned out the arches and looked like this

the crap that came out of the arch

and the arch after i attacked it with under-seal

and that's it for the moment sorry about the pic quality most have been taken with my phone.
will take more as and when i work on her and keep adding it to this post

thanks for looking and any comments good or bad


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Re: My little G reg red 5 (lots of pics ) edited 24/03/12
« Reply #1 on: 00:51, Sun 25 March 2012 »
this little 5 will be the death of me after a day of working on her i ache like an old man  :lol:


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Re: My little G reg red 5 (lots of pics ) edited 24/03/12
« Reply #2 on: 00:00, Mon 26 March 2012 »
Keep up with it mate its looking good


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Re: My little G reg red 5 (lots of pics ) edited 24/03/12
« Reply #3 on: 10:32, Mon 26 March 2012 »
Keep at it. the milk is worth the squeeze :]


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Re: My little G reg red 5 (lots of pics ) edited 24/03/12
« Reply #4 on: 00:29, Tue 27 March 2012 »
cheers guys

its not how i would like it but its getting there!
if i had a nice big lock up with a ramp then i would strip her and go right through her but its just not possible on the driveway (with-out some scum bag helping themselves to bits is it these days)  

as soon as i get her MOT'd i can take her to work much to the lads ( Honda lovers ) moaning and get her on the ramp and do a load of things i want to do.

i've only had her 5 years now and drove her for 6 months in that time, so its time to get her sorted for sum big grin times this summer  :lol:


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Re: My little G reg red 5 (lots of pics ) edited 24/03/12
« Reply #5 on: 23:06, Wed 04 April 2012 »
just an update

As she aint seen any polish in the 3 years shes been sat on the drive I thought I'd give her a little once over,
this is how she came up after just an hour  :o  

and a low angle shot


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Re: My little G reg red 5 (lots of pics ) edited 24/03/12
« Reply #6 on: 00:08, Sun 08 April 2012 »
So I've been a bit busy with the 5 as i had Friday off work.
I've fitted my new braided brake hoses (full set) and bled the system, nice firm pedal now  :D
old perished hoses

new braided front hoses

rear before

and after

also fitted all new lower arm bolts as i didnt want just one new shiny one after what happened (see above) :lol:
I also fitted new door pins so both doors now shut nice and without trying to kill it to shut it.
But I have been stopped in my tracks a bit due to what i found today when i took the rear body kit off to clean and under-seal the rear arches  :cry:
worse still i had new sills put on 3 year ago just before i took her off the road and it looks like the garage didn't under-seal them before re-fitting the body kit!!  :x  
passenger side

driver side

As its not going to impede (i hope) on what i wanted to do i continued and cleaned and under-sealed the rear arches


As the rust patches are behind the body-kit i might put it back on and see how we go on an MOT. See what sort of a list we can rack up but at least i will know what needs doing, and if its a lot i might just strip her right down and go right through her!!


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Re: My little G reg red 5 build (lots of pics ) work in progress
« Reply #7 on: 23:43, Mon 07 May 2012 »
so a bit more work on the 5 done on Sunday
took the side skirts off and cleaned up the sills and put a good coat of under-seal on
sills as they were when the skirts came off

and after a good clean and coat of under-seal

and then later with the skirts back on

just got to sort the rust patches and fix the body kit then fit it all back on

got to tidy and clean up the engine bay too

might be ready for MOT some time next month


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Re: My little G reg red 5 (lots of pics ) edited 24/03/12
« Reply #8 on: 23:39, Sun 20 May 2012 »
sorted out the rust patches on the rear aches today

ground the rust back to be left with this on the passenger side

all welded up.....and not to bad as i havent welded in over 6 years  :shock:

and the drivers side all welded and undersealed

I've undersealed it as its behind the body kit and might help it last a bit longer
just got to fit all the body kit back on now and then it can go for an MOT and see what sort of list we can come up with!!
having said that I only clocked up about 3000 miles in the 6 months it was on the road, and its been sat on the drive for the last 3 years.


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Re: My little G reg red 5 (lots of pics ) edited 24/03/12
« Reply #9 on: 07:27, Mon 21 May 2012 »
Looking good.  8)

I had to do my welding for last years MOT. It wasn't much fun.  :lol:


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Re: My Little RED G Reg 5 GT Turbo (lots of pics )
« Reply #10 on: 22:28, Sat 04 August 2012 »
first start up in 3 years in prep for the old girls MOT last week

started first time as well  :D

been a while since I've been on here but the little 5 passed it MOT with just a couple of advisories and so I've been out and about with a grin on my face

had to sort the timing chain out as it was a tooth out for some reason but not to hard a task so
old chain in place

old chain off with tensioner and std pulley

new chain tensioner and campus pulley

engine with chain & tensioner removed

chain back on and lined up

new tensioner sat on timing cover

and all tensioned up just the cover and bottom pulley to fit back on

another job i had to do because it was bugging me and made the car sound sick was to replace the exhaust/inlet manifold gasket

not the easiest to get to!!

inlet and carb has to come off as well to replace the gasket

before you can remove/move the exhaust manifold away to replace the gasket

the gasket had gone turbo end hence so much noise and lack of boost pressure!

and then all back together again

since doing all of this I've had a few problems with it running when cold and on choke! as the car was set up to pass the MOT when the gasket was blowing a bit!!
so i need to get it back on an emissions tester to set it up now its not sucking/leaking air + i've also removed the dump valve as the spring has gone weak and was sucking in air there too.
as a result I've lost the waaaa tish noise and got the waste-gate chatter of a group b rally car in its place which i have to say like more tbh.  :D    
if this doesn't work then i will be refurbishing the carb with a new gasket set and maybe a new main jet in prep for upping the boost from the std 9psi up to 16-18psi.
which i believe is the max a T2 turbo can put out in which case i will have to save up for a bigger turbo as my aim is to have a nice reliable 180-200bhp car.

That's it for now but i am also looking into electronic ignition to make the car more reliable and safer when the boost is increased as the old AEI unit isn't the best


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Re: My little G reg red 5 (lots of pics ) edited 24/03/12
« Reply #11 on: 22:15, Fri 07 December 2012 »
have a look at this  

this is the ignition kit I'm looking at fitting to the car
replaces the dizzy and AEI unit and you can set it up to your specific needs i.e. drag,fast road or track
just waiting on results and feed back from a couple of people that have already got it on order