Author Topic: R.I.P Steve Jobs.  (Read 1663 times)


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R.I.P Steve Jobs.
« on: 07:50, Thu 06 October 2011 »
I had this on my Twiiter feed this morning.

Bad times. There was specualation about his ill health for quite some time, he stepped down from CEO not so long ago maybe he was no longer stong enough to carry on with his work?


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Re: R.I.P Steve Jobs.
« Reply #1 on: 12:47, Thu 06 October 2011 »
He managed to bring Apple not only alive but the "legally"  wealthiest company nowadays.
Kudos for that, and bad news the loss for his family.
I don't want to sound like a jackass, but when u deal with non human technology, u should expect dealing with cancer or other health problems afterwards.