Author Topic: Throttle cable frayed  (Read 1410 times)


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Throttle cable frayed
« on: 12:25, Wed 28 September 2011 »
Had a wonderful time this morning,going down the A3,when my accelerator pedal stuck to the floor,when I was approaching stationary traffic

Managed to clutch it in,with the engine screaming it's nuts off and discovered that the cable was frayed to hell and had jammed in the plastic outer sleeve.

I've ordered one from Euro,which I am picking up this afternoon.Do I take the plastic inner wing off to route it,as there doesn't seem much space and does anyone have any tips on fitting? (Renault 5 campus)




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Re: Throttle cable frayed
« Reply #1 on: 23:49, Thu 29 September 2011 »
5 min job
Undo screw on carb and screw clamping the outer sheath to carb
Pull off the outer sheath from the cable and discard
In the drivers footwell unclip the cable from the top of the pedal
Pull out the cable from the footwell and discard
Insert new inner cable into the bulkhead grommet from in the footwell
Find the cable poking through in the engine bay and pull it through
In the drivers footwell clip the cable onto the pedal assembly
Feed the new outer onto the carb end of the cable until the inner cable is right through
Attach the outer to the carb bracket
Attach the inner to the carb and adjust as needed

Job done  :D