Author Topic: Old Window Mech  (Read 1723 times)

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Old Window Mech
« on: 11:18, Mon 19 September 2011 »
well its sods law i do belive.. anything that will go wrong will go wrong, my passenger side window has given me nuthing but jip from day one, 1 motor kinda collapsed and the glass felll in the door meaning i had to drill 2 holes to undo the clasp bolts n the second motor has burnt out with the glass almost at the top of the door, dont realy want to drill any more holes will i be able to get the galss out without drilling or smashing anything??

thanks for the time
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Re: Old Window Mech
« Reply #1 on: 11:21, Mon 19 September 2011 »
sorry to hear that mate! mine has done exactly the same lol 2 days ago was on here looking for advice myself :lol: