Author Topic: Awesome Fest Video  (Read 2826 times)


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Awesome Fest Video
« on: 22:14, Wed 10 August 2011 »
Definitely looks like one to attend next time.


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Re: Awesome Fest Video
« Reply #1 on: 08:36, Thu 11 August 2011 »
I went there on the saturday, to be honest it was more "Averagefest" than Awesome.

The website and the video posted did a great job making it look action packed and busy. We got there at 9.30am (25 each to get in) and was directed about a mile away to a field to park where there were about 8 cars. When we finally got to the track there wasnt anything going on and none of the stalls had set up (the gates opened at 7am and events were supposed to start at 9am) Apart from the drifting which is amazing the small skate park in the middle wasnt much, and a max of ten stalls didnt give much to look at.

Maybe it woud be better to camp and have a night there but we struggled to stay past 1pm and most time was spent watching the drifting. Not one I will attend again.