Author Topic: My R5 GT Turbo, Grey 1989  (Read 4060 times)


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My R5 GT Turbo, Grey 1989
« on: 09:33, Sat 08 June 2013 »
Hi peeps..

So this is my little R5 GT Turbo.

Spec :----
1.4 Turbo (pushing 150bhp last rolling road day, but since then other mods so between 150-180bhp now)
93k on the clock
1989 G reg

Parts replaced for restore :----
New turbo
All coolent/turbo pipes replaced with new black samco hoses
New dual core alloy intercooler
New Braided Oil cooler pipes
New copper core in the Rad
New rocker cover/bolts/seals
New Oil filler cap
New water bottle
New braided brake hoses
Disks all round referbished
New Calipers
New Engine Mounts
New Bosch Silver Plus Battery
New Baileys Dump Valve
Renault Cup Carb Mod
New Green induction kit
Lowered all round
15" Renault Turbines (need referb to make them 100%), will be done in the summer this year
Scorpion exhaust system (stainless)
Seats referbished (new sides installed)
full respray
full undersealed and restored underneath
New pacelshelf
Inside restored to standard
<<above are the main parts, but its a neat nut and bolt restore>>

so some pictures anyone!!!

Hope the images work, seems linking from flicker isnt as easy as first thought it might be.  If they arent working, main flicker pics are here


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Re: My R5 GT Turbo, Grey 1989
« Reply #1 on: 22:41, Tue 25 June 2013 »
Time has come for me to sell, due to a new house purchase :-(.  4,500 or very near offer.