Author Topic: Wiring up gauges.. Easy answers.  (Read 1463 times)


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Wiring up gauges.. Easy answers.
« on: 23:28, Wed 15 June 2011 »
Hi everyone, mods please move this if its in the wrong place :lol:
Just wired up a big rev counter  and boost gauge and thought I would post up how I did it, just  incase anyone is stuck with it like I was :)
If you dont have a clock, a really easy way is to use the clock plug. I cut it off which leaves you with..
Red - constant 12v. Yellow - constant 12v. Blue - switched 12v. Black - earth.
If you need to pick up the signal wire (for a tacho) it is the WHITE wire, bottom plug on the AEI unit.

Mark helped me via text with this and Id have struggled otherwise! Hope that it  helps someone! :):)