Author Topic: the joys of owning a reanult 5 gt turbo  (Read 1748 times)


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the joys of owning a reanult 5 gt turbo
« on: 09:05, Tue 24 May 2011 »
write i bought my r5 about 4 weeks ago , after about a few hours of  driving it round my clutch cable snapped i just thought it was old a needed a new cable , well i bought a new one and fited it so the next day i jump in the car and took it for a spin, well then my  throtlle cable snapped just my luck this all happend the day i bought her , i was then out last night and guess wa MY CLUTCH CABLE WENT AGAIN .not haveing mutch luck just wondering if u have got the set up the rachet on the pedale as . clutch was qiute hard to press this is why it keeps snapping or is there something im doing rong any ides thanks matthew


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Re: the joys of owning a reanult 5 gt turbo
« Reply #1 on: 16:22, Tue 24 May 2011 »
Ive had a cheap unbranded cable snap within a month in the past, the crimped end popped right off.

Did you leave a bit of slack so it wasnt under stress constantly.