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Other Renaults / Re: windscreen wipers
« Last post by loucao_jr on 17:42, Sun 19 June 2016 »

Instead of opening a new thread I thought it would be better to use one of the old wiper threads, sort of keeping it tidy!!

So my GTT doesn't return to park position, neither moves the wiper in the intermittent position, neither the blades move while pressing to wash.

I've check the fuse and it's OK, didn't check for voltage... Yet!
How can I test/check the relay? Or it's busted for sure?


Newbies / Re: Message for Newbies !!
« Last post by loucao_jr on 17:28, Sun 19 June 2016 »

New here and to the GTT world! I'm restoring a 88 GT Turbo and I'll be needing your help and tips.

Cheers from Portugal
Other Renaults / Re: Steering wheel
« Last post by leeboone1991 on 16:19, Mon 30 May 2016 »
All sorted!
Other Renaults / Steering wheel
« Last post by leeboone1991 on 18:36, Sun 29 May 2016 »
Hi all, new to the renault 5 world :).. changing the steering wheel from standard to the GT TURBO steering wheel, tighten it up with socket tool, when i drive, the steering wheel doesnt stay straight , say if i turn left, it will stay at that position even though ive straightened the wheels up to go forward direction, i've put the standard steering wheel back on, and it's doing the same thing!

Does this suggest that I should have used a torque wrench to tighten this up? is it too lose for it to do that?

I guess it's an obvious issue here, but i don't see it!

the nut is 21mm in the centre of the wheel.

Torque wrench it is then?    If so could someone tell me what torque settings i would need it at, thank you.
Other Renaults / Compression testing - head gasket
« Last post by Twofourstory on 23:06, Tue 24 May 2016 »
Recently purchased my first Renault 5! Fun little car to drive
It's a campus but has been tweaked a bit..

So I noticed that the water level seems to be slowly dropping. I check the usual, looking for white on the oil cap etc....checking for bubbles in the water tank but nothing pointed to a head gasket.

I did a compression test and the results weren't too great

It has a 1.4 block with a 1.1 cylinder head

Facing the block cylinders left 1 to right 4

1 - 65 Psi
2 - 50 Psi
3 - 55 Psi
4 - 35 Psi

When purchased I was told the head had been skimmed, I noticed signs of old rad water suggesting that it has overheated in the past, since then I have had the vehicle up and noticed more signs under the car on the floor..

So do my results show a gasket fail?
Is it worth skimming the head again or just getting a replacement?
Could the block be warped?
If anyone has experienced this, is it something  that will slowly get worse and worse or could it go suddenly?

Many thanks!
Renault 5 GT Turbo / Rad fan
« Last post by JezzM on 00:13, Mon 23 May 2016 »
My front grill must have got really hot last summer as it warped from the heat (does anyone know anyone with a spare grill going?). Since, I have noticed that the rad fan blows out the front of the car rather than across the engine which would explain why the grill got so hot, is it supposed to be blowing that way?!?

Thanks in advance!!

Your cars / Re: my car r5campus
« Last post by andy_wpo on 20:51, Tue 05 April 2016 »
Hy guys,can somebody help me??I dont have a clue about what all this wirings do.I find some but some are cut and dont have any ideea what they do.I know that all have positive signal and are from the original car that was Automatic.Any help will be good.Tnks
Your cars / Re: Campus Build
« Last post by dannyb5 on 13:30, Tue 29 March 2016 »
Good build im thinking of doing exactly the same for my campus :)

doesnt seem a too expensive build either....

where you located??
Newbies / Newbie from somerset
« Last post by dannyb5 on 13:08, Tue 29 March 2016 »

New to Renault 5's my wife bought me a Renault 5 project car,

Hoping to do an engine conversion soon and getting involved with the forum :)

Other Renaults / Re: unleaded 95RON on 1.4 non-GT
« Last post by James5 on 13:58, Tue 22 March 2016 »
Is this the carb or single point injection model?? either way it will run fun on 95 ron it's not a performance car requiring the higher octane
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