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Renault 5 GT Turbo / question
« Last post by turbak on 12:43, Sat 27 August 2016 »
Hellou  :) can enybody tell me how can i test my speedo clocks and how can i adjust a overboost sensor to cut out at 18psi?thanks for answer
Renault 5 GT Turbo / Fan not cutting in anymore
« Last post by Speedbird on 10:15, Wed 24 August 2016 »

The fan of my GT turbo stopped working. As described in the maintenance section, there can be several reasons for that. I would like to check the electrical wiring but I don't know where the thermal sensor is. Reparation manuals show schematics views but not the physical location of the sensor.

Can anyone tell me about it?


I will also check for blown fuse.
Newbies / Classified
« Last post by bignige on 06:46, Sun 07 August 2016 »
Can't seem to get into the 'Classifieds' section - the link seems to be broken or is it restricted?

Newbies / Newbie
« Last post by bignige on 06:43, Sun 07 August 2016 »
Hi everyone,

I am 55 years old and had a brand new 5GTT when I was many years younger!

It was a C reg in electric blue.

Never forget the car for its speed and handling and always got lots of attention when I parked up.

Thirty odd years later and with a couple of kids I now drive a Skoda Yeti and Peugeot 107!!

I am thinking of reliving my youth though and getting another 5 Turbo later this year as a second car (the Peugeot will be going either private sale or P/X) - October/November is the time I will be seriously looking for the right car!

Needs to be a good one as I am not mechanically minded so can't fix any issues myself - but am considering possibly getting a car that needs some minimal TLC - not least of all cos I am on a budget.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Carb over fueling
« Last post by Joezeffer on 18:43, Fri 29 July 2016 »
Hi all. I've got a problem with my carb. It is over fueling loads just on tick over. No matter what I do with the mixture screw it doesn't make a difference.  Thanks Joe
Other Renaults / Renault 5 gearbox
« Last post by Stupot on 19:13, Sun 17 July 2016 »
If the gearbox is of a 5 gt turbo I will be selling it if anyone is interested
Newbies / Hi i have just joined
« Last post by Martyw88 on 11:09, Thu 14 July 2016 »
Hi new here. My name is Marty and I'm from Northern Ireland. I got my family into Renault 5s. Sold my campus turbo to my brother terry. Sold my 1.7 Monaco to my brother Leslie. I have a 1.4 campus for parts, 1.4 auto Monaco for my 172 conversion and joined this forum for help and advice on the engine swap.
Newbies / Newby Hi - QLD Australia
« Last post by RobW on 05:33, Sat 02 July 2016 »
Just thought I'd join this forum as I'll be needing some help to set up my turbo'd crossflow ford. I'm using the GT 5 carby, which I have no experience with. Cheers, Rob :)
Other Renaults / Fog light again
« Last post by loucao_jr on 18:12, Sun 19 June 2016 »

While searching I found some old topics about fog lights, but since they're a bit old pics are no longer available...
So what I would like to ask is if someone could post some pics of were the loom for the fog lights connect.

Other Renaults / Intercooler
« Last post by loucao_jr on 17:48, Sun 19 June 2016 »

Could you confirm if the intercooler in the following image is stock in the 5 GTT?

I ask this because it seems that it doesn't have the clearance to retrofit the cold air intake to the filter box.

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