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Newbies / Newbie from leicester
« Last post by Henry-lees on 19:04, Mon 06 November 2017 »
Got  a 94 Campus prima for 200 (pricey i know) a couple of years ago, here to look for guidance when things break and maybe some upgrade/mod ideas.  8)
Other Renaults / 94 r5 campus prima manual window regulator
« Last post by Henry-lees on 19:01, Mon 06 November 2017 »
Anyone got any ideas on how to lubricate the whole regulator system? best way to lubricate the cable/channels? also cable has come loose from where it goes into the winder itself, any ideas on how i should re attach it here, cheers. :D
General Chat / Re: Trying to trace my old 5,s
« Last post by LuS1fer on 18:43, Wed 11 October 2017 »
No idea where it is now but I owned C645 JWN from about 1989 to 1992. I put the Superchips kit on it and sprayed the grille silver and painted the wheels in a gunmetal colour.
Have photos somwhere.
Other Renaults / Weber DRT32 help
« Last post by maher on 20:16, Tue 03 October 2017 »

I've got a 1.4 R5 with a Weber 32DRT carb. It's suffering serious idling problems: came on from nowhere. Looking into the carb, there is a continuous drip every ~1 second or so from one of the jets which is causing the engine to hunt up and down like crazy.

Has anyone seen this before?

Does anyone have any useful info on the 32DRT: seems a difficult carb to get bits or manuals for??


General Chat / Parts
« Last post by mbarry on 17:45, Wed 13 September 2017 »
Hello everyone long time member but first time posting.
Long story short I need a bonnet, boot, front grill and a red carpet for a phase 2 5. I have rang Mike in gt spares but waiting about 3 weeks , he did contact me saying he injury himself so I need to source these parts off someone else for my project. 
If anyone knows anyone let me know cheers
Renault 5 GT Turbo / She`s coming home HELP Ireland
« Last post by Ozzgtt on 22:09, Tue 22 August 2017 »
Well its been along time coming, but after 10 years of being locked in a garage in England were finally bring our little 5 over to Ireland  ;D We spent a few years building it and then a month after finishing with a new paint job we put it in the garage and left it there. Now we are getting it over there`s a whole lot of work that needs to be re-done so we will need alot of parts.

Does any body know of anyone in Ireland who would have parts mainly interior stuff, There was a guy in Co.kerry who used to break 5s but i dont have his number any more, any help would be great.

John & Michelle
Hello all,

I'm restoringmy R5 gt turbo, and the shell has rotten to some degree in some areas, i have some normal r5 shells in my area available and very cheap, so i'm thinking about buying a normal r5 3doors and install all the gt turbo parts, but i'm concearned the shell has diffrent parts, here's what i know that changes:

Front LH and RH fenders (they have the holes for the GTT kit)
Sills (thei have the pins to hold the GTT kit)
LH and RH rear wheel arches (they have the holes to the GTT kit, and they are "cut" in a diffrent way from the normal 5's GTR, GTX campus etc)
The perculator fixing point, that is whelded under the RH fender on UK drivers side (on normal 5's theres just a big hole on this side similar to LH side)

Any other body panels that change between a normal 5 and a GTT ??
Newbies / Hi all
« Last post by Challenger19 on 10:30, Tue 04 July 2017 »
Hi guys my name is Sean I'm new the Renault 5 scene im looking for a project to restore over time if anyone one here could help me out it be great  ;D

Thanks in advance
Renault 5 GT Turbo / Where to get Renault 5 bodywork done in Cambridgeshire
« Last post by SRC on 11:01, Fri 16 June 2017 »

Does anyone have any recommendations on a body work specialist in Cambridgeshire?  I looking for someone who would, remove dents, respray, replace windscreen seals and possibly repair/replace front bumper. 

The one I have taken it to, was very reluctant to start work on it, as thought it could take too long/possible unknown rust or problems under the plastic casing.  Also said it would cost more than the car was worth (which I don't think is true!)


Your cars / My Renault 5 1.4
« Last post by Carlstone13 on 08:12, Sat 03 June 2017 »
Hello all! Recently got my Renault 5 on the roads after around 4 years of ownership! officially its my first car and as of now it sits bone standard, other than some wip cosmetics (halfway through painting the lowet half) so i was wondering! What would you do with a reasonably low milage, very clean 1.4 Campus 3 door 5 speed manual! I want to go down the sleeper route as even now it surprises friends with how nippy it is!!

If I can work it out I'll attach some pics but as of now I dont have many!
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