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Renault 5 GT Turbo / oil pressure sender thread size?
« on: 17:06, Wed 23 September 2009 »
does anyone know the thread size of the oil pressure sender?

I'm going to fit a capillary oil pressure gauge and need to know what size adaptor I need to attach it where the original sender fits.

Hope that makes sense :-)

I know CGB sell one but I'm getting a Stack gauge from Demon Tweeks and wanted to buy the lot from there.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / How do I fix piston slap?
« on: 22:19, Tue 15 September 2009 »
Can I just replace the pistons and rings only or is it better to replace the liners also?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Is this clutch any good?
« on: 16:56, Sun 13 September 2009 »
Just bought this clutch from fleabay, will it be any good? I'm only running about 140bhp and will only ever be putting about 165bhp through it. ... K:MEWNX:IT

If it's a load of shite then it's no real loss as I need the release bearing anyway.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / How do I test the knock sensor?
« on: 21:43, Mon 07 September 2009 »
does anyone know how to check the knock sensor is functioning properly?

I seem to have what I suspect is slight pinking when revved from idle and under load at low revs and would like to check it's working correctly.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Air corrector jet and boost settings.
« on: 17:50, Wed 02 September 2009 »
Does anyone know the workings of the solex 32 dis carb?

I just came across a 1mm a/c jet and wondered what sort of effect this would have if I fitted it instead of the standard 1.25 jet, basically with the wealth of knowledge between you guys what I want to know is if I fit the smaller a/c jet is there a safe level I can turn the boost up by?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / T2 with lag??
« on: 21:12, Sun 30 August 2009 »
When changing gear while driving hard there is a noticeable amount of lag, surely this isn't right?

Could this be an actuator issue?

also, if I'm driving up to a junction in second gear with my foot off the throttle, when I put my foot back on the throttle I get hesitation, a bit of a stutter, like what happens if you drive without the choke on when it's cold.

So two problems really. Nothing major, just thought I'd ask :-)

Events/Shows/Cruises / RWYB @ York Raceway 30th and 31st August
« on: 21:29, Tue 25 August 2009 »
Like the title says!

Anyone going? Think I may be going but probably too skint to get on the track :-(

Click on the link and scroll down to 30th/31st August

Spotted / Was It You? / Scarborough Cruise
« on: 23:44, Sat 22 August 2009 »
How many of you guys went to the cruise in Scarborough?

I saw a few 5s, definitely saw someones renault 5 turbo van that I'd seen in the "Your cars" section!

My red gtt was on the path next to my mates black evo 2 and my other mates Yamaha R1

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Pinking when setting off.
« on: 23:15, Tue 18 August 2009 »
Like the title says, I'm getting slight pinking when I'm setting off, I think it just does it at low revs (so not very often then :D ) Any ideas? Just a fueling prob?

Maybe not related but I get a slight hestation when changing in to the next gear after red lining it!

Running 99 octane fuel and set idle up on gas tester, lambda was about 1 and co2 was about 3.5%

To me it's suggesting a lean mixture but just wanted to hear what anyone has to say.

Now I think about it, I don't know if I had the good fuel in when I set it up!!

Anyway... just wondered if there may be something I'm missing?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Need help identifying my turbo
« on: 13:52, Sun 09 August 2009 »
Just wondering if anyone could help me, I e-mailed turbo technics and no body has replied so thought I'd try you helpful chaps.

The turbo is from turbo technics and has a part number: 466506-1

Anyone have any idea what it is?

It doesn't have water cooling and strangely it doesn't boost very well when I try and set it low, will only boost properly when I set it to about 16psi or whatever the the standard boost gauge reads when the needle goes to the end of the red section!

Do I have a hybrid turbo or is the actuator fucked?

well the problem goes like this.

oil level gauge is supposed to come on when ignition is in the on position without engine running, it doesn't work, it just sits at the bottom of the gauge and doesn't even light up the oil level part of the gauge. But the oil pressure gauge is fine.

Also, when the ignition is first turned on the battery, oil pressure and brake warning lights are supposed to light up to check the bulbs but the oil pressure and brake warning light don't come on, brake warning light is easy, the switch on the handbrake is faulty but I can't figure out why the oil pressure warning light doesn't work. I checked the voltage to the lamp socket and for some reason there is around 12v at both sides of the lamp socket!

Anyone got any ideas what the problems could be or if they are related?

Does anyone know how the gauge selects which information to display? Is there a relay or is there some electronics in the dash that may be faulty?

Sorry that was all a bit long winded!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Sunroof
« on: 21:59, Wed 29 July 2009 »
anyone know if a sunroof from another car will fit renault 5 turbo? Need the tilting type, just the glass.

Also just need some ideas, my rollcage stops the sunroof mechanism from working as it gets in the way. Should I just make a perspex sunroof and use silicone sealant? Opinions please...

Your cars / Back in the fold!
« on: 21:48, Wed 29 July 2009 »
well I lasted from January until now but I had to have another GT turbo!

Managed to get this one that was gona be a show car so has had all the rust removed and fully resprayed. Engine was apparently rebuilt and don't know whether this is true or not as the water pump is grumbling and some times there is a funny noise from the turbo but no smoke and it runs like a dream.

Just needs a few bits doing to it, I have 5 point harnesses on order and should be getting some new front windows (with manual mech to save weight!) MOT is booked for a week on Saturday (8th August)

Bled the brakes when I got it but it turns out the brake servo is knackered, so that needs replacing, not a job I wanted to do, I hate taking the inlet manifold off!!

Engine didn't run when I got it either, timing was way out and I replaced dizzy cap, rotor arm and plugs.

Now for some pictures as she stands at the moment...

Renault 5 GT Turbo / overboost sensor faulty?
« on: 00:43, Sun 26 July 2009 »
Just bought a new 5 and it's running quite odd but while reading other posts on this forum noticed that some people have mentioned the overboost sensor can cause a missfire if it's connected with the two wires the wrong way round. Is this true?

The engine idles really rough and needs the choke on, when you remove plug cap number 2 or 3 the engine continues running the same (rough) but when you re-connect the plug lead the engine sounds smoother for about a second then dies. I'm thinking plugs, leads, cap and rotor arm.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / fueling/carb help!
« on: 18:22, Thu 08 January 2009 »
my car has always had a bit of an iffy idle, especially when cold but just recently I have noticed when I pull in to my drive which is pointing up hill the revs seem to level out and sit slightly higher than if I was sitting on level ground.  I was wondering if this could have anything to do with my float level in the carb? maybe because of the angle of the car when parked in my drive the fuel level is at a better height? I believe my carb is a solex 32dis, is the float adjustable and if so how? My haynes manual doesn't have any very good instructions!! Thanks for any help guys.

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