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I noticed you've painted the inside of your headlights? Subtle, but different finish. I like it.

Was it hard? I have a trillion spare sets of headlights, so I may give it a go. How did you seperate them then bond them back together?

Looks bloody gorgeous mate! Blue is the best colour for 5's afterall  :wink:

Not too keen on the chequered wing mirrors and rear view mirror, although the wheels and roof look good!

Your cars / Re: The S3
« on: 16:42, Tue 18 May 2010 »
Where's my 'this thread is useless without pics' smiley!?

Your cars / Re: My cars and my story
« on: 23:20, Sun 16 May 2010 »
Ready for an MOT now! Not 100% finished, as can be seen, but just a few finishing touches and she's done.

Going to book it in for an MOT this Saturday. Insured on it already, so if it passes, I'll get some tax, and I'll be out in this GT Turbo for the first time in 2 years!


How it looked Saturday morning

How it looked Saturday evening (seats are quite loud, and probably not to everyones liking)

How it looks this evening!

Really happy with it! :)

Your cars / Re: My cars and my story
« on: 23:22, Mon 03 May 2010 »
More work done:

Dash out, because of a leaking heater matrix :(

More rot

Mid fix

Welding done

After doing all the welding, it was all painted / undersealed, and I got to putting the bodykit back on!

The marks on the side skirts that you can see are just from the paper they were stored in. They had been left outside, and the paper had stuck and dried to the skirts - it'll wash off :)

Looks like a car again :D

It's sitting very high at the moment, but uprated suspension to come, when funds allow!

Your cars / Re: My cars and my story
« on: 23:02, Sat 10 April 2010 »
Yeh we're gonna waxoil it.  :)

Your cars / Re: My cars and my story
« on: 20:32, Sat 10 April 2010 »
OK - did some welding with my Dad today.





Mid job

Welding done!



Nice and solid!

Gonna do the arch tomorrow, then the skirts / arch covers can go on!

Your cars / Re: My cars and my story
« on: 14:50, Tue 06 April 2010 »
Bit of an update - been a while!

Thought I'd add some pictures of her in her current state.

Mouldy steering wheel  It had a leak, which is sorted now.

Some rust around the drivers side rear arch. Luckily it is where the plastic arch sits, so repair work will be covered. That will obviously be done soon! Just waiting on my dad to buy a new mig welder.

Wired up my gauges as well, but used a taillight connector block to make it neater / easily removable.

Did a few other bits and bobs as well, general sorting out electrics, fixing some leaky bleed nipples on the coolant hoses, fitted the exhaust, fitted the air filter, swapped back to standard headlights (need to mess about with my quads), etc.

Gonna buy some paint this Friday, and sort out that rusty arch / some rust on the sills, then I can put the rest of the bodykit on.

MOT time soon :D

Your cars / Re: Gaz - Another new 5.
« on: 12:56, Tue 06 April 2010 »
Cool, yeh he bought a tailgate off me. Still rust free I hope?

Your cars / Re: Gaz - Another new 5.
« on: 10:24, Tue 06 April 2010 »
Bought from Phil yeh? Around the manchester area? If so, that should have a tailgate that he bought off me fitted :D

Your cars /
« on: 23:53, Wed 07 October 2009 »
Wheels are sexy!

General Chat /
« on: 20:58, Sun 27 September 2009 »
I've got a badboy bonnet in Audi nimbus grey if you need one.. obviously it will need respraying though

General Chat /
« on: 09:33, Tue 22 September 2009 »
Quote from: "Ash-Lee"
It's just excess petrol igniting in the exhaust i would of thought.

That's what it is.. in the exhaust and the turbo - which causes damage to the turbo. I would have thought you'd bollock up your exhaust silencer too.

Your cars /
« on: 09:28, Tue 22 September 2009 »
Quote from: "scratcher"
Very nice 8) I'm liking those wheels.
Did you find you had to chop the top rad hose a bit to get it to fit? Mine fouled the dizzy badly and was about 2 inches too long on either end.

It's not too bad tbh.. I've not properly fitted it yet though, as I'm still waiting for a water pump gasket from Renault, so my waterpump is only mock fitted for now.

The boost hoses though.. they were well too small in diameter! Was a right pain in the arse to get them to fit especially on the carb lobster!

Quote from: "jimmy_b"
im also liking those wheels. this is going to be awesome when done. keeping the engine relitively std?

Pretty much.. well, won't be doing any internal work, but I've got a T25, and LC-1 kit to fit, so I will be increasing the boost, then adding shiny bits. Probably go for about 18psi, with good suspension / tyres / roll cage.. Should be good fun on trackdays :)

Your cars /
« on: 12:06, Mon 21 September 2009 »
Yeh mate.. he's on this site.. sonic-jdm he's called

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