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Your cars / Re: My cars and my story
« on: 18:07, Sat 06 November 2010 »
Bit of an update.

Won some seats on eBay for 60. Took a bit of a risk, as I hadn't seen them, and the description was a bit brief, but they turned out to be pretty good! They are standard GT Turbo seats, but retrimmed in blue leather. Main problem was, they were in pembrokeshire, which is a 4.5 hour drive each way , so I went and got them in the BMW last weekend.

Basically changed them as I've gone off the buckets that were in it. Back when I started this project, the plan was to have it stripped and caged, but my ideas have changed, and I want it a more OE+ look.

Anyway - took a few pics. Not very good ones.. just took them on my iphone.

Your cars / Re: My R5 GTT
« on: 18:25, Fri 20 August 2010 »
Quote from: "dj_craig_"
Hey BriC good to meet you again  :D
Thanks a lot for the comments and info regarding the turbo, yeah your right it is a little laggy but a kinda prefer it like this, also whilst driving steadily the turbo dosent have to work as hard so this is prolonging its life right?
your 5 looks sweet mate i can remember seen it when i came to pick up mine.  :D

Yeh, it's good on the motorway anyway I found, obviously off boost you're using less fuel!

Cheers mate, it's getting there. Still got a few things I wanna do / change :D

Your cars / Re: My R5 GTT
« on: 08:56, Fri 20 August 2010 »
Quote from: "Ruske"
i think additional gauges are too much, we have all the stock gauge, that looks cool and i like it, i've got used to it and like to watch it going up till the red zone :twisted:

Stock gauges aren't very accurate though if you plan to increase boost pressure. If it's stock, then an OE gauge will do the job just fine.

Your cars / Re: My R5 GTT
« on: 08:53, Fri 20 August 2010 »
PS - the guy I bought it off, who fitted the turbo, told me it's a T28. It's very laggy in comparison to a T2.. Remind me, full boost is about 3.5-4k RPM, yeh? Think my stock turbo hits full boost about 2k RPM.

Your cars / Re: My R5 GTT
« on: 08:51, Fri 20 August 2010 »
Wheeey, good to see you're on here  :D

Served me well that car did... one of the best 5's I had!

It was running even richer, but I got the carb messed with a bit, but we didn't manage to get it perfect!

Will be interesting to see this car as you do more to it. Looking good with Morettes too :)

General Chat / Re: gay campus
« on: 12:07, Fri 28 May 2010 »
Hondaman - out of interest, is your 5 a campus lookalike?

Just that I sold one a while back with a similar mileage on the clock. If it is - is it blue? :)

Your cars / Re: Trackday Project...
« on: 12:02, Fri 28 May 2010 »
As well as an engine conversion as suggested, I'd fit GT Turbo suspension / brakes up front and GTT rear shockers.

You'd need:

Front Hubs
Front suspension (Shockers, springs, etc)
GTT discs and calipers
GTT rear shockers

Tbh, it would probably be easier to buy a whole subframe / hubs / driveshafts / suspension assembly and just whip out the campus stuff and replace it all in one go.

Your cars / Re: My cars and my story
« on: 21:14, Sun 23 May 2010 »
You tell me mate - he was supposed to be sorting it but he didn't.

It's all sorted. Rusty metal cut out and new metal in place. Luckily it's in all the hidden places - ie, under the carpet, and under the sills, so a professional paint finish after the welding wasn't required!

Your cars / Re: My cars and my story
« on: 20:08, Sun 23 May 2010 »
Cheers guys! Yeh scratcher - was well happy with no advisories :D

Tbf, there was no reason there should be - unless I'd forgotten about something, but I went over it enough times to try to ensure I didn't :)

Not driven it much today, but I wanted to  :P

Your cars / Re: My cars and my story
« on: 18:08, Sat 22 May 2010 »
Passed it's MOT with no advisories

Really happy. Been out driving it all day :D She handles great - really sharp. I imagine the polybushed subframe helped.

My mate took some pictures:

She still needs a few bits doing till she's 100% done, but yeh... Really happy! :)

Your cars / Re: The S3
« on: 14:59, Thu 20 May 2010 »
What sort of MPG did you get in the evo? Think my mate averages about 25, and that's using the loud pedal quite a lot.

Your cars / Re: The S3
« on: 14:35, Thu 20 May 2010 »
Nice cars. My mate has a B5 S4, and that's very nice!

Your cars / Re: my new R5 Gt
« on: 23:05, Tue 18 May 2010 »
Those seats are gorgeous - the retrim looks to a top standard!

Your cars / Re: My cars and my story
« on: 22:52, Tue 18 May 2010 »
Quote from: "scratcher"
The seats are nice man. They go really well with the paint.
What other parts are going to be white?

Good luck with the MOT. Get it done in the week and bring it to Pod on friday  :D

Cheers mate! Nah, can't bring it to the pod. I'm working till 1 on Friday, so by the time I got there, people would be leaving, and it would all be quite pointless :)
Other white bits - nothing really planned. I've got a black with white stitching suede gear lever gaitor to go on yet, but not a lot of white other than that...

Your cars / Re: The S3
« on: 22:45, Tue 18 May 2010 »
:D I'll let you off then!

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