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Newbies / Re: Newbie from Scotland
« on: 13:12, Wed 12 February 2014 »
hi there this is an old post I no but realised your in scotlland .. same as me im looking for parts for my r5 its a non turbo tho as im a young driver with few point. its body mods im after if you could shed some light on where to find reasonable priced ones or any thing

Newbies / Re: Message for Newbies !!
« on: 13:10, Wed 12 February 2014 »
hello im new here and iv got a r5 campus white 3door model. im strugerling to find bumpers skirts ect for it or for any r5 I may just be being silly im abit crap with comps and just wanted to no where the best place to get them is as iv seen some gtt bumpers going on ebay for a fair bit . many thanks Tao

hi iv been looking all over for a body kit for my Renault as it has no bumpers or skirts ect on. and have had no joy on websites. ktek racing told me that they and a lot of others have stopped making r5 kits. if any one could help would be amazing as im new to forums but have found not 0ne body mod for r5s online and on ebay the bumpers were very pricy . many thanks

General Chat / Re: Big chance for someone
« on: 12:38, Wed 12 February 2014 »
hi I saw this post. I no its been up for a while if you don't have the body kit stil maybe you could pint me in the direction of where to find one iv look on many web sites and been on the phone to ktec racing no joy ktec told me that no one makes r5 stuff any more .many thanks

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