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Your cars / My new Gt Turbo from England
« on: 21:59, Mon 03 February 2014 »
 :)My new projekt. First Germany, than England and now back to Germany ;D ;D

 ;) Gruß Uli

Your cars / My GT Turbo in Germany
« on: 20:40, Sun 17 November 2013 »

Greetings from Germany from a Renault 5 Gt Turbo driver when he is ready.
offer restoring, are 7 years old, time is a problem.

Last week he was still painted times.
It is a Ph.1 in perlmuth know I leave in original condition.

Here the cars rust as well as with you, where I can show the pictures.
I build to 80% new parts in the car, then he is fit again for the next 20 years.

I still have 5 Series in my hall. 'm Forever in a fever of Renault.

'm Going to upload some pictures

Greeting Uli

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