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General Chat / Which colour for my calipers?
« on: 00:44, Tue 11 October 2011 »
I have a white R5, and I'm tempted to paint my calipers red.
I wonder what you guys have done?

My local store has silver, blue, red, yellow, black caliper paint.

On my BMW I've painted them silver. Silver or black is the only proper thing for that kind of car.

But the R5 is an old sportscar and since it has red carpet and red stiching in the seats red calipers could be cool IMO  :D

Your cars / Re: My Raider... now F7P project...
« on: 00:17, Tue 11 October 2011 »
Really cool car.. Blue always looks nice  :D

Your cars / Re: My Phase 1 (work in progress)
« on: 00:00, Tue 11 October 2011 »
Really cool car! Nice colors, are those calipers painted blue too?  :)

Your cars / Re: My white '88 GTE (1,7 l)
« on: 23:22, Mon 10 October 2011 »
Thanks for all the reply's!

Thats true, Norway has very strict emission laws. And there are extremely few GTT registered here. This GTE has CAT. And actually carry a CAT logo where the GTT has SPORT I think. It has 69 KW,  94 hk from the factory. Engine code is F3N. Same engine that was used in Volvo 340-440. Altough the volvos have over 100hp it is the same 1721cc engine :)

I will post pictures as the project moves on. I think I have found a warm indoor garage for her over the winter  :mrgreen:

The biggest challenge will be the heater system that has previously taken fire. I will be taking out the dash in order to fix it I guess. I will put that on hold and concentrate first on the body and engine.

Today I've removed the reservoir for wiperfluid, battery etc. will spraypaint that area soon together with the area below the windscreen, wipers were also removed today. Needs paint due to the fire that has been.

Im seriously thinking of removing the headlight wipers.. Looks awful or what?  :lol:


General Chat / Post pics of BBS RS/RM on R5 GTT
« on: 03:20, Mon 10 October 2011 »
Hi everyone

I'm looking for some BBS RS replicas for my R5 GTE, I will probably go for silver, but gold is tempting too. Im wondering if 15" is the best size. What do others think? I actually sell 17" for bmw e30 at my work, but they will be too big and the offset is 27 and I've heard that 35 is maximum.

some pictures that I found.. looks stunning in my opinion. gives it that 80s charm  :D

BBS RM, 15"s?


BBS RS - is this 15 or 16" what do you think?


Your cars / Re: My 5
« on: 00:45, Mon 10 October 2011 »
Wow, great work so far. Really inspiring stuff! Is that color 348 blanc panda? Mye GTE has that color.. Do you spray it yourself and what technique do you use? :)

Your cars / My white '88 GTE (1,7 l)
« on: 06:27, Sun 09 October 2011 »
Hi fellow R5 enthusiasts!  :D

Picked up my new number two car this week :) will work on it trough the winter. It's the first R5 with GTT/GTE styling that I've ever had actually, even though I been looking for one of these since i was 14 (now 23) There are probably only 2 or 3 GTT's in my country. But probably 10-15 GTE's. I got it for a bargain :D

Renault 5 GTE KAT (C409)
Engine code F3N - 1721cc
94 hp

GTE was the most popular 5 in scandinavia and germany due to emission taxes.


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